Comic Stars Fighting 3 Game


The wonderful fight game which consists of famous characters of famous cartoons is going on! Spanking new characters and new war maps are coming with this game. Choose your character, get ready for orgiastic fight against to computer or your friend!

After the game is loaded, you can enter the main menu with "Awu" button. Then click on "START" button. If you play the game for the first time, click on "NEW GAME" button. If you played it before and want to continue, click on "CONTINUE" button. You can play the game in two different type of "Single-Player and Multi-Player". Choose your playing type and then choose your character. You can start the game by coosing one of "Battle Mode, Survival Mode and Tutorial Mode".

Game controls:
1st Player


2nd Player
Directing:"ARROW KEYS"
Attack:"1,2,3,4,5,6" (Numerous Keyboard)"

With points that you earn in the game, you can promote your character's capacity by clicking on positive signs near "HP, ATK, SPD".

During the game, you can turn on or off the sound with "Music" button on the lower right hand of the screen and turn back to the main menu by using "Menu" button. We wish you fun!