TM Driver Game

An excellent driving adventure is beginning with seven super powerful cars of all time. A racing crew is looking for a new member and they have some standards for the driver they will accept. There will be eight missions you will need to complete. You will be rewarded after on each mission you complete. In the last mission, you will have the most powerful car of the world. You can change the rims of the cars and you can paint your car on any color you want. After you complete the missions, you can drive your car in city and highway traffic freely and you can go to stunt arena to do some stunts. Besides of those, you will have a 4x4 off-road car and yyou will have chance to drive it anywhere you want on the map. By the way, don't forget to check "Wheel Settings" tab in pause menu to change your car's wheel settings.

Game controls:
Brake: "SPACE"
Look Back: "B"

Have fun!