Basket Cannon Game


Cannon Basketball is a brand-new basketball game for all ages. Although it is unlike other basketball games on the market, purpose of the game is similar. Instead of a human, a cannon controls the ball. You need to find the perfect time to score.

You will have total of 3 ball on each game, and you will lose a ball as you fail to score! Also, the hoop switches places, moves, and increases in numbers following each shot. As you progress next levels, scoring will be harder. Try to beat high score without losing a ball!

Game Features:

  • Easy to learn, hard to master!

  • Colorful graphics, amazing sound effects…

  • Fun gameplay along with brand-new levels.

  • High score leaderboard.

  • Different balls provide unique boosts and abilities.

  • If you don’t miss, each shot will provide more points!