Janissary Battles Game


Here we gathered up all of the Janissary battles for you. This game is developed for only playing as two player. There will be eight games waiting for you and the games will be selected randomly. Here is some details about the games;

  • In the first chapter of the game you are going to destroy each other by using an ancient vehicle which has a metal arrow on it. While you are doing this, you should collect power-ups and you should reach the score five.
  • In the second game there you will have your janissary soldier with his arrow and bow. You should aim well and shoot your opponent with your arrow. If you reach the score five first, you win the game.
  • In the third game you are going to fight against your opponent on small moving platforms on lavas. Try to throw your axe to your opponent and try to hit him for five times.
  • In the fourth game you are going to fight against a opponent which lives on a land where is far far away from you. Aim well with your catapult and try to destroy the other guy who wants to destroy you. If you can hit the castle, you may have some power-ups too.
  • In the fifth game we are just taking you to recent past. The first producted guns will be on the hands of the soldiers. But it will not be that easy to shoot your opponent because of the obstacles in the middle of the arena.
  • In the sixth chapter of the game you are going to use your throwing skills of maces. This will be little bit hard for you. Because controlling a mace is not that easy.
  • In the seventh chapter the spears come up! Like you do in the all of the throwing chapters. Collect power-ups and hit your opponent more easily.
  • In the eighth chapter you will have swords. It is also a throwing game but you should do your throwing when the opponent is on a clear sight.

Game controls:
Player 1: "W"
Player 2: "UP ARROW KEY"

Let the janissary battles begin!