Grand City Racing Game


Grand City car game series is continuing with a great chapter in the segment of Racing. The cars are much more appropriate for racing and stunt within this game. For sure, the customization options are much more better and usefull in this chapter. You can do painting, performance upgrades and other visual changes on your car. Of course, you will need some money for upgrading your car. You can earn money from free drive mode by doing stunts and you can race in circuit race mode and challenge race mode and earn money. You can play all game modes in single player gaming mode and two player gaming mode. Pick your car and let the races and stunts begin!

Game controls:
Player 1:
Move: "W,A,S,D" or "ARROW KEYS"
NOS: "F"
Look back: "T"
Reset Car Position: "R"

Player 2:
NOS: "K"
Look back: "L"
Reset Car Position: "O"

Have fun!