Tik Tok Princess Game


Tik Tok Pricess game is not as easy as it seems because everybody has no stylist as you have so. You should dress up your princesses before they walk in the stage and you should take everybodies attention on you. At the beginning, Elsa and Harley characters are taking much attention. You should not limit yourself with these two characters, you should seek for more and you should do more fashion designs and you should be the one who creates the best in styles on the stages!

You will dress up each Tik Tok Princess seperately. Remember, you cannot jump from one to other. These three girls are very close friends and they are preparing contents for Tik Tok and if one missing, they cannot prepare the videos. Everything is ready and a pretty large wardrope will be waiting for you. Only thing which is missing a talent like you. Make sure you dress up your characters completely and prepare the characters for the night. When you are done with dressing up and make up for the characters, you can start taking pictures and you can download these pictures to your PC. Time to show who is the best stylist in world!

Game controls: