Side Kick 2007 Game


Football lovers rush into keyboards. Would you like to experience the excitement of football, from the national teams of countries? If your answer is "YES" then, you are welcome to try! Moreover, you will be occupied with football, once more time, in this game, in which you play not only by your self; but also with your friend. When the game is opened, click on "START GAME" button. As you know, your goal in the game, is to defeat all your opponents.

It is enough to pressing on "PLAYER 1 VS COMPUTER"; if you would like to play against the computer; but, if you prefer to play with your friend, in that case, click on "PLAYER 1 VS PLAYER 2" button. The key combinations are as follow:

The First Player:
Moving: "DIRECTION" keys
Shotting/Passing/Tackling: "CTRL" key.

The Second Player:
Moving: "W, A, Q, D" keys.
Shooting/Passing/Tackling: "SPACE" key.

Also, you can change the setting of keys, as you want, and can adjust the length time of match, with "OPTIONS" button, founded in the main menu. Let's see will you able to experience the goal excitement of your team supporters? Wish you good luck!