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Mario Kart
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What about you joining to go-card racing games , with one of your childhood legendary of Super Mario? You will reach the peaks of adventure with this game. Your goal in the game, is to win all go-card races?

When the game is opened, determine your pilot and set the difficulty degree of game and then initiated it easily, by clicking on "PLAY" button. In the mean time, you do not have to compete only with Mario. If you please, you can select the other characters, such as, Bowser or Princess Peach. To move your vehicle, use "ARROW" key, to jump up; "SPACE", to shoot "C" keys, in the game.

Let's give you some cleues about the game: Try to go on the road, during the game, as much as possible; if you enter the grass, your vehicle will slow down; so, this becomes a big advantage for your competition. You can collect the bonuses, shapped like mushroom, in the road. If there are whatsoever opponets overtaken ahead of you, center them properly and then fire. Thus, your opponents will become dazed.

Do not forget to follow, your speed, and your score, which you come in first, in the game, with indicators located on the left corner of screen. You can access the description section or return to the main menu with "OPTIONS" button, founded in the upper right side corner. Let's see who will come in first in the game? We wish, good luck for you!