Mario Gun Game

Mario Gun
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Legend game super Mario lovers, we are in presence of you with a very different and a very nice game. Mario dress in himself with weapons, adjust the field gun and round shots, go out to hunt the enemy. Would you like to help him in this adventure? Goomba, Koopa, Troopa and many famous enemies will be waiting for you.

When the game is loaded, continue with "NEW GAME" button. Thereafter, select your section from the coming next menu and then, initiated the game easily. If you are playing the game for the first time, only the first and the second chapters will be opened. Your purpose in the game is beat all your enemies with your weapons. The game is played with "MOUSE". Adjust your angle, on the other hand, follow your shooting power indicator, in order to pressing at the right time.

In the course of the game, if you collect useful objects that you know works for your business such as, mushrooms and etc... , you can extra points, if you want to promenade on the screen, enough to hang on your cursor on the "OK" button located at the bottom of the screen. When you beat the all enemies founded in the section, you can move to the next section with "CONTINUE" button.

You can follow the number of your remaining enemies with "ENEMIES" indicator located in the lower left corner side of the screen, on the other hand, beginning with "REPLAY" button founded on the other side of the screen. Remember, that you have a limited number of shots, in each section. The less you use them, the more points and stars you can earn. We wish you success!