Dragon Ball: Fierce Fighting Game


The games of Dragon Ball, the legends of our childhood game, managed to become one of the most indispensable fighting players. As you know, Son Goku, discovers the world and encounters with a hundred and one thousand difficulties, while searching for Ejder's Balls. Your goal in the game, is to find the balls of Ejder and to beat the all opponents, appeared in front of you! Moreover, you can play the game with helping each other with your friends.

Select your difficulty level of game, respectively, by clicking on "START" and "NEW GAME" buttons. We have explained the game controls and special motions.

The first Player:
Moving: "W, A, Q, D"
Attack: "j"
Jump: "K"
Power of Collection: "L"

The second player:
Acting: "DIRECTION" keys
Attack: "In numeric keybad 1"
Jump: "In numeric keybad 2"
Power Collection: "In numeric keybad 3"

Fast running: "Forward+Forward"
Throwing Fire: "Down+Forward+Attack"
Special Attack 1: "Up+Up+Attack"
Special Attack 2: "Forward+Forward+Attack"
Special Attack 3: "Back+Down+Forward+Attack"
Hurricane: "Back+Forwar+Attack"

To make the special motions, you need to fill the power of indicator, founded at the bottom. Do not let your enemies compress you, at the corners or among them. Let's see, if you are able to beat your opponents and manage to find the balls of Ejder. Good luck to you!