Dragon Ball Fierce Fighting 1.9 Game


How about picking up adventure where leave off, with the hero of your childhood? The adventure of the hero managing to strike fear into your enemies, with spectacular fighting techniques, continues with its the last rate. If you wish, you can play the game, with two person, with different twelve martial fighting masters. You can play your role, in this adventure as soon as possible, selecting your fighter.

Click on "START" button and then, on the "NEW GAME" button. If you have played the game before, you can pick up where you leave off with "CONTINUE" option. Select the difficulty level of the game, after clicking on "NEW GAME" button. You can determine whichever you want mode such as "ONE PLAYER", "V.S MODE" button. Two player options from the determining character menu founded at the bottom side of the screen. After then, click on "START" button by determining the character or characters that you would like to play.

The Game Controls are as follows:

Move: "W,A,S,D"
Normal Attack: "J"
Jumping: "N"
Gathering Power: "L"
Special Attack: "U,I,O"

Routing: "ARROW KEYS"
Normal Attack: "1 in numeric keyboard"
Jumping: "2 in numeric keyboard"
Gathering Power: "3 in numeric keyboard"
Special Attack: "4,5,6 in numeric keyboard"

Joint Special Moves:

We wish you have a ball!