Doyu 8 Ball Game


How about playing billiard, which is the most liked branch of sports, in which you need to use, your intelligence, talents and as well as your forward looking. Moreover, you can play the game, not only with your friends; but also against the computer. You will experience very enjoyable moments, together with your friends, who play this type of so-called American billiard games.

When the game is opened, if you would like to play single, click on "1 PLAYER", but if you would like for twosome at that case, click on "2 PLAYER" buttons. The game is played with "MOUSE". After you taking aim to the ball, which you would like to shot, click left and keep holding it and then pull your billiard cue, backwards of you. Meanwhile, release it free, after, you following your firing power with "POWER INDICATOR", located at the right bottom. In addition, you can make sets, in which parts of ball that you will hit with "DIRECTION" keys of billiard icons, located at the bottom of right corner of screen.

You can turn on- off the sounds of game, and return to the main menu with buttons, founded in the upper right corner, in the course of game. As is known to all, the most important fundamental two rulers of billiard game, are to calculate the angle properly and to adjust the speed. Do not forget to pay attention to these two important rulers of game. You will experience very exciting and challenging moments, with billiard game, taking place among the top five most interested sports, in Europe, here and now. Good luck to everybody!