Crazy Taxi Game


Speed enthusiasts! Crazy drivers! The legendary game, Crazy Taxi now, in presence of you with its flash game. If you would like to take place in this uphill struggle, go ahead! Your goal in the game is, to stuck in traffic as little as possible, and to go to the longest distance.

After the game is loaded, click twice on the "START" button, in order to initiating the game. The key combinations are as follows:

Acting: "DIRECTION" keys.
Jumping: "SPACE" key.

Do not forget! The cars you bumped, will cut your speed and will eat up your remaining time. In addition, you will past level, when you cross out the flags founded on the roadside. This also, will give you additional time.

You can follow your remaining time, your score and your remaining road, from the top of left corner. You can set the music sounds of game, with speakers founded in the upper right corner. If you lose the game, it is possible to initiated the game again, by clicking on "PLAY AGAIN" button. Enjoy your stay!