Taxi Metroville City Game


The individuals of Simpson's, get on your car and tour around from avenue to avenue. Quite prepared with a realistic scenario in this game, you will not notice how time passes. Your purpose in the game which is inspired by one of the legend taxi games, is to reach your customers to the destinations as soon as possible.

After the game is loaded, enter to the main menu with "START" button. Then, click on "NEW GAME" and select a partition. Right after, write your name and then, click on "OK" button. Now, you are ready for the game. Let's mention briefly about the game features of your garage. When you start the game at first, you will have only 100$ money. You can increase the money by earning from the customers and you can also purchase new cars, by clicking on "BUY CAR" button. If you don't have money to buy new cars, you can modify your car, by clicking on "UPGRADE CAR" button and with "REPAIR CAR" button. You can also repair your as to the with "SAVE PROGRESS" button, can record the current state of the game. After you complete the transaction, you can read yourself out with "EXIT GARAGE" button.

The keypads are as follows:
Monition: "ARROW KEYS"
Access: "SPACEBAR"
Radio: "R"
Nitrous: "N"(Only in high specialty cars)

Along the way of the game, you can find easier your way, by using the map located in the upper corner side of the screen. Your map garage, featured like a house button. Please keep continuously track of the status of the fuel, with fuel indicator. When it runs low, you can fill it, by going to the fuel station. Gas stations, are showed on the map in red color.

In due course of the game, you can pause the game and return to the main menu, with "MENU" button which is founded in the lower left corner of the screen. Try to make an effort not to behave that offend the policeman. Please continue you follow us, for the most beautiful car games. Enjoy your stay!