Snail Bob 2 Game

Snail Bob 2
Snail Bob 2Snail Bob 2 Rating: 4.5 out of 5 based on 64 votes.

While siting at home and reading his newspaper, comes to the cute Snail Bob attention to the calendar and suddenly comes to an idea his mind. That day is the day of his grandfather's birthday and he doesn't have a present yet. So, some challenges will be waiting for Snail Bob, in the road and wanting to take a beautiful flower, in a pot to his grandfather. Would you like to help him?

If you would like to skip the introduction part, click on "SKIP" button and select your section with "PLAY" button. If you are play the game, for the first time, only the first section will be opened. The game is played only with "MOUSE". Your purpose in this game, is to save the Snail Bob from the traps and make reach him to the finish line, by using the buttons of this chapter.

In total, the game consists of 25 chapters. Each chapter has different characteristic. If you click on Bob, he stops. If you want to go fast, click on "2X" button, founded in the upper left corner side of the screen. To jumping to the next level, click on "NEXT LEVEL" button, to restart the current section click on "RESTART" button, to turn on-off the sound and music of the game, use "EAR" button, founded at the bottom of the screen. Good luck!