Barbie as Rapunzel Game


The handsome prince of happiness country, sees Barbie, while walking around the forest. Barbie extended her hair like Rapunzel. Barbie surprised very much, when she watching the clouds, at the lake shore. When they catch each other's eyes, the prince falls in love with Barbie. The prince invites her to the court. That evening, all the leaders of the country, will feast. In addition, the prince will propose to Barbie, in front of everyone. Barbie, who decided to go this important dinner, needs to dress herself, in a very good way and so she is waiting for your help. Would you like to help her?

When the game is loaded, click on "PLAY" button. The is played with "MOUSE". You can adjust or arrange everything as you want, from crown of her to Barbie's hair, from the dress of her to Barbie's necklace and from Barbie' shoes to her earring.

If there is something that you would like to change, you can undo your operation, by clicking on "UNDO" button.

If your all transactions are done, press on "NEXT" button, see the happiness country of prince and Barbie side by side with together. We wish you happiness!