Angry Birds 3 Game

Angry Birds 3
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Angry Birds waged war against the pigs previously, begin to fight with dogs this time. Are you ready to experience the fun at the peak of points, with frustrating birds getting angry with dogs? Angry Birds team who developed launch mechanism is looking forward to give punishment to the dogs, by using more technological launching mechanism. Full of game is awaiting for you!

Having the game installed, click on the orange button founded of the bottom window of the game. You can play the game in three different chapters. You can move to the selection chapter menu founded at the bottom window of the game. Your purpose in the game, is to destroy the green dogs by using the birds.

The game controls are as follows:
Aiming: "MOUSE"
Launching Bird: "LEFT-CLICK OF MOUSE"

You can detect the type of birds that you would like to choose. Each of the bird has different features. You can pass the sections much more easily, by using the birds according to the features of the bird. Enjoy your stay!