Gun Mayhem 2 Game


One of the best action game on the internet - second and latest chapter of Gun Mayhem - is on Game 2 Kids now! So many new features come with Gun Mayhem 2 such as new weapons, new clothes and new game characters besides new war maps. Like in the previous chapter of it, you can play this chapter as twosome either. Call your buddy to play this awesome action game together! Prepare yourself to have perfect time on Game 2 Kids.

You can play the game in three different mode as "Campaign, Custom Game, Challanges". Select the game mode that you want to play after then clothe your man however you like and select a map. After doing all of these, click "START" button to start to play.

Game controls are as follows:
1st Player:
Fire: "Z"
Bomb: "X"

2nd Player:
Move: "W,A,S,D"
Fire: "T"
Bomb: "Y"

You can play the game as four players if you wish. Click "OPTIONS" button to proceed the screen which is to set to other players controls to play as four players. After you specify the game controls, select "CUSTOM GAME" mode on main menu and select the war map and set the game characters then start to play.

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