Gun Mayhem Game


For one player not enough, for two players not enough, for three players not enough again, and now; we proudly present our four players game. You will feel the action in your veins in this game that you can play aganist the computer or together with your friends.

Your goal in the game, is to defeat your opponents with different types of weapons. Select "CAMPAIGN" option; if you want to play aganist the computer, on the other hand, if you would like to play with your friends then choose "CUSTOM GAME" option. After you select the part, initiated the game. Let's write down respectively, game's controls.

The first player: uses "Arrow" keys to move, to shoot "G" for bomb "U"
The second player: uses "W, A, S, D" keys to move, for fire "T" , for bomb "Y" keys
The thirth player: uses "/, 7, 8, 9" keys in numeric keyboard to move; for fire "*" key, for bomb "-" keys.
The fourth player: uses "5,1,2,3" keys in numeric keyboard, in order to firing "0" for bombing "-" keys.

The another different beauty of the game that each player is able to design his/her hero easily, apart from that, everybody can named his/her hero, with which names that she/he wants. It is drizzled into the section, such as extra weapons, power invisibility and shield bonuses, in the course of game. You can add power to your power by collecting all these. Let's see who will win.

We wish you best luck!