Grand Theft Auto: A Flash Story Game

You have already played the game series of Grand Theft Auto such as Vice City or San Andreas as video game. We are not alleging that game is like the other series of Grand Theft Auto but we are claiming that this flash game will become one of your favorite game. You can ride around with your character as you wish and besides you can do anything you want with your character such as ride a car or run after people or fight against to people. Just imagine what you want to do and make it real with this game. Well, we sure that you are wondering this game, then let's begin!

After the game is loaded, you will watch the game intro. If you want, you can skip the game intro by clicking "SAUTER" button. Click "JOUER" button. You can close the information boxes by clicking "COMMENCER" button.

You will begin the game in front of the police station. First of all you should open your map and then you should go YAKUZA's place. You can find some kind of staffs in there. Be careful, there are lots of bad people around.

Game controls are as follows:
Steal cars: "CTRL"
Shoot: "SPACE-BAR"
If you have a vehicle such as a fighter aircraft or a tank, use "ALT" or "ENTER" key to fire.

Here is a few information about the game; you can open game map by clicking paper located on upper-right corner of the game screen. You can open your weapon archive and select a weapon by clicking button pictured as a hand.

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