Grand City Stunts Game


Grand City Stunts game is a superior car game which has both includes car racing mode which is versus two player or CPU players and free drive mode and stunt modes. What you can do within this game is kind of impossible to do with other car games because, besides of stunt and race you can customize your car by wide customization car options. You can drive your car inside of a city inside of traffic or you can just drive, jump and fly on the city's stunt arena. It is not hard to earn some cash, you can earn cash from races and missions to unlock new cars and features. Let's go, the city drive is waiting for us!

Game controls:
Player 1:
Move: "W,A,S,D"
NOS: "F"
Look back: "T"
Respawn: "R"
Handbrake: "SPACE"

Player 2:
NOS: "K"
Look back: "O"
Respawn: "L"
Handbrake: "R-SHIFT"

Good luck!