Vex Game

VexVex Rating: 4.4 out of 5 based on 28 votes.

We are in presence of you, with named Vex game which arouses interest from the players and inspires from very beautiful "Fancy Pants" game. You will be awaited from each other different dangers and as well as, many beautiful acrobatic moves, in this difficult game. Are you ready to play this fun game?

After loading the game, make entrance to the main menu of the game, by using "PLAY" button. If your computer's processor and graphic card is low, we suggest you to low your graphic settings, by using "OPTIONS" before starting the game. If you are ready, you can start the game, by clicking on "PLAY GAME" button. The game controls are as follows:

Acting: "LEFT, RIGHT ARROW" keys.
Jumping: "UP ARROW" key.
Bending: "DOWN ARROW" key.
Voice: "M" key.

Let's give you a few tips about the game: The red flags found in the sections, are the control points. If you are able to reach these flags, you will not have to begin from the very beginning, when you die. Pay attention to against the thorns. The moment you touch to the thorns, you will have to start from the last control point that you have reached previously. Jump on the top of the purple box, out of hand it falls down, after a while. Orange boxes cause you jump up higher. Your character has ability to swim; so you can enter to the water, without fear. The sooner you complete the game, the more points you will receive.

In the course of the game, you can see the menu hidden at the bottom of the screen, by using "MOUSE" and then, respectively, can start over the current section from the very beginning, can return to the upper menu, can move to the last control point and can reach to the settings menu found in the game. Do not forget to add our website address to your favorites. Enjoy your staying!