Rise of Speed Game

Rise of Speed lets you join races using super-sports cars on unique off-road tracks. As you win the races, you can use your rewards to modify your vehicles or purchase new ones at “GARAGE”. In order to participate in new races, you need to earn more rewards and own better vehicles.

You will race against challenging opponents in harsh conditions, such as snowy, rainy or foggy weather. Upon winning all the races; test your limits in specially designed bonus space level!

Game controls:
Move: "ARROW KEYS" or "W,A,S,D"
Brake: "SPACE"
Nitro: "N"

Game Features:

  • Realistic race car physics
  • 6 different and unique off-road tracks
  • Optimized cameras and graphics
  • Mini radar system
  • 11 different language options (Could be set in Settings)