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Angry Birds

Angry Birds continues come in front of you with different versions. As it always has been, our heroes are still in difficult situation. What are you still waiting for? Come on, join to this crazy adventure, with that crazy birds!

By only using the "MOUSE", in this game, you need to pull back the slingshot where founded your angry birds, by holding down the mouse left click. In this way, you can beat the pigs, by adjusting the going speed and direction of angry birds.

After you throwing the birds, you will gain 5000 points for each piglet that you eliminate, when you finish the section. You can follow the scores which you have won, with buttons founded, in the upper right corner of the screen and also, to re-start the section and to pause the game, use the buttons founded, in the upper left corner of the screen. Let's come, join to fun tunnel! Good luck!