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Dragon Quest

The mysterious hero struggling against the dragon, in the castle and needs for your help. The lavas, the skeletons and the the axes... All these traps are against you. I wonder if you are able to tip the scales in your favor?

Your purpose in the game is, to make reach your hero to the output, initiated the game with "PLAY" button. Then, if you would like to skip the introduction part, click on "SKIP" button and then select your chapter. The key combinations are as follows:

Moving: "DIRECTION" key.
Attack: "C" key.
Jumping: "X" key.

It is necessary to acquire the key, in some way and open the door. This key can be in sight or invisible. It is up to you to find it. Pay attention to the lavas. The skeletons do not die, when you hit them with your sword, they come to life again, after a period of time. This is the another issue that should be considered. Try to use the materials around you, as much as possible. The much more amount of energy you complete the parts, the more star points you can receive. Do not forget to pay attention to the dragon, attacking you in every few chapters. We wish you success!