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Mario Zone

Super Mario legend continues in full swing. As is always the lord of evil Bowser, kidnapped Princess Peach and Mario needs to rescue her. However, the road of going to Princess Peach is full of treacherous. Would you like to help Mario?

When the new game is loaded, click on "NEW GAME" button and select a section and then, initiated the game. The game controls are as follows:

Moving: "DIRECTION" keys.
Firing: "SPACE-BAR" key.

Be careful to the barbed wire and the creatures, in the course of the game. The more you collect golds, the more you get points. You will not die, as long as you fall on any monsters or traps, in due course of the game. You can also turn on-off the music sound of the game, with buttons located at the right bottom side of the screen. And also, do not forget to follow your remaining souls with the indicators founded at the bottom side of the screen. We wish you have a ball!