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Gokos 8 Ball Pool

Billiards which is showed the most interest among the five sports of Europe and the billiards fans have been increasing day by day in a great amount, in the recent time, in the world. We offer you a great billiard game referring to this interest. Moreover, you can play this, not only against the computer but also together with your friends.

After the game is loaded, use "1-PLAYER" button, for the single person game; for the two people game, use "2-PLAYER" button. Then, write your name and set the type of your salon. The game is played with "MOUSE", for both players. After you take aim with your white ball, pull back your stick and release it free.

You can follow the status of the match, with indicators founded on the top of the screen, during the game. You can respectively, return to the main menu, turn on-off the music and sound of the game; with indicators located in the upper right corner of the screen. Should not be forgotten that Billiard is a kind of sport game and should not be played, except for the purpose. Please continue to follow us, for the best two player games! Have fun!