Stick Figure Badminton 2

This is a Flash game and some Flash games may not work properly. We regularly update our flash player to support all the games. If the game is not currently working, please check back later.

Puffball or with another name of badminton sport, is a branch of sport which taken ball to over the rival's net and return to the areas of opponents. We are in presence of you, with the second version that collects quite special attention with the first version among the badminton lovers. As in the first version, according to your preference, you can play the game both against the computer and if you wish, you can also play it together with your friends and so, you can be sure to become one of your favorites.

After the game is loaded, make entrance to the main menu, with "PLAY" button. Use "START" button, for single person game, for twosome game use, "2PLAYER" button. Then, choose your character and initiated the game. The keypads are as follows:

Moving: "A,D" keys.
Jumping: "W" key.
Kicking: "S" or "SPACE-BAR" key.

Moving: "LEFT,RIGHT ARROW" keys.
Jumping: "UP ARROW" key.
Kicking: "DOWN ARROW" key.

Pausing the game: "P" key.
Game sound settings: "W" key.
Quitting the game: "ESC" key.

In single-player game mode, you can open new characters, according to game progress. In addition, you can control, by selecting characters founded a ball on it, with "MOUSE" button; you can play the game easier. The game is completed by the winner player who scores 7 points. In the single-player mode, if there is a defeated character, you can continue where you left off.

In the course of the game, you can check out the status of the game, with indicator founded on the tap of the screen. You can play the game of the first version, by browsing our website. Enjoy your stay!