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Home Sheep Home 2: Lost in London

A well-loved comic strip, Shaun The Sheep is in the, with a full of adventure, as another flash game, as well. Three-minded sheep adventure rejecting an ordinary farm life, continues with another much more enjoyable chapter. Happened many troubles on our hero, embarking an adventure to the London, this time.

After the game is loaded, you can move to the main menu, by clicking on "START" button. Then, click on "START GAME" button. Before start to the game, if you want to get detailed information about the game, use "TRAINING" option. You can complete the education part, by fulfilling the required steps. After then, you can move to the selection part menu, by using "LOST IN LONDON" option, and then, initiate the game, by selecting the first chapter of the game. Your aim in the game is to get the tree sheep to the finish line. To arrive the finishing line, get to overcome the obstacles to the finishing line, you should use the sheep, according to their attributes.

Game controls are as follows:
Routing : "ARROW KEYS"

Sheep Selection:
1. Sheep: "1" key.
2. Sheep: "2" key.
3. Sheep: "3" key.

Brief information about the game: You can return to the main menu, with the first right buttons from left to right, founded in the upper left corner side of the screen and with second buttons, you can restart the current level. In the course of the game, you can turn down the main sound of the game, with the first button from left to right, founded at the bottom left corner side of the screen; with the second button, can turn on-off the music sound of the game.

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