Two Player Gold Miner Game


From now on, It will not be difficult to collecting the gold coins. We are in the presence of gold hunter game, playing single version that have been played for years. When the game is loaded, initiated the game, by clicking on the golds that white-beared gold hunter grandfather hold.

It is written at the begining chapters, how much dollars you need to reach out. However, the orange written money, founded on the upper left side, is the money we need to reach out, and the green written money, is the money we have in our hands, during the chapter. As you know, it is your purpose to reaching out the money. The player on the left, uses "W, A, S, D" keys, while the right player uses "Direction Keys".

You can buy anything that you would like with the money, you get from the shopping store among the breaks. Dynamite, is useful to blow up anything that we do not want to drafting. In order to using dynamite, click on "W" or "Up Arrow" key. The elixir power is useful to drafting, heavy objects; as to, the four-leaf-clover is useful to bringing good chance. There is a book, written on it, the prosperity of stones and types in the shopping stores. After you have completed your shopping, you can pass to the other section, with green button, founded on the upper rihgt hand-side.

You can restart the game, when you can not pass the section with button, located on the left hand- side. Let's give a little clue about the game: The diamonds' value is higher but pulling power is less, that is why; you should focus on them. There are explosives, written on "TNT" on them. These explosives destroy stones, as well as golds and diamonds.

Be careful, when you boom of them. Money earned by two players, is written under the heroes. The total amount of money is very important, crossing the sections. Because of this, it will be easier to passing the sections, if you perform a coorperation and solidarity game, instead of competitive one. Let's see, how much money, you will earn?

Enjoy your game!