Gum Drop Hop 2 Game


How about a game, whether you can play yourself or with your friends, while you are playing it not confusing your head but gives you as pleasure as other games? After the game loaded, will ask you language section. Select your language and go on. After clicking on the main menu, if you want to play the game single, you can open the normal game option with "Arcade" button. If you select "Midnight Arcade" button, the normal option as midnight version will start. There is no much more difference between two. In the second, you play, when it is dark, plays different kinds of music. If you would like to play with two some, click on "2" player button.

The first player is on the orange colour and plays with "Arrow Keys". The second player is in the pink clour and uses "W,A,S,D" keys. If dies anyone among the players, the other player gives birth again, where she/he is, by exploding the blocks in the section. Try to win points by collecting golds and diamonds.

May sometimes encounter with obstacles in the section. It is need to jumping up them on the contraption which they are connected. It is put to prances to jump up high in some places once again. If you jump up on them, you can climb higher.

When you need to dig places, press on "Down Arrow" or "S" keys. However, can not be digged every places. In addition, there are constantly spinning mad flowers in some places. These are causing to jump up higher. Another point needs to be note that the blue cloured elevators are shoatterable. Try to not make much of them.

Wish you have fun.