Bomb It 7 Game


Bomb It series which you are addictive to has its seventh episode! Like each new episode, in this episode there are a lot of features too. One of these revelations is character costumes. In this episode, you will figure however you want and enjoy a lot. If you are ready for the newest maps and other revelations, Let's start!

Click on “START” button then chhose one of the “ARCADE"(destroy all enemies), BATTLE ROYAL( destroy ten enemies), NEW PAC-MAN(pick up 100 gold), STAR COLLECTOR(pick up all stars), ICE-MAN(freeze 10 enemies)” sections and click on “NEXT”.

From “GAME SETTINGS” section;
From Players section, you can decide the number of players.
From Enemies section, you can decide the number of enemies.
From Levels section, you can decide how many levels you will play.
From Arena sectioni you can choose the map.
From Difficulty section, You can decide the difficulty of the game.
After then by clicking on “OK” button, you can go to character selecting screen. To dress the character which you chose, you need to have game points. You can gain game points by playing games. You can start with “START GAME” button.

Game controls:
If you play it alone, you should use these controls:
Directing: "ARROW KEYS”
Drop bomb: "SPACE"
If you play it two players, you should use these controls:
1st Player:
Directing: "W,A,S,D"
Drop bomb: "SPACE"
2nd Player:
Directing: "ARROW KEYS”
Drop bomb: "ENTER"

If you achieve the given missions, you’ll get extra stars. During the game, you can pause the game with the “PAUSE” button and go to the main menu by clicking on “MAIN MENU” button. You may decide music and sound icons with opened menu.
Have fun!