Chaos Faction 2 Game


You have just clicked on a super game! If you remember from the first chapter of the game, this game is one of the most popular and quality battle game between the battle games. It has two player game mode besides single player game option. You will have a great battle by many different game character and weapon.

Game controls:

If playing single:
Move left: "LEFT ARROW"
Move right: "RIGHT ARROW"
Jump: "UP ARROW"
Shield: "DOWN ARROW"
Drop weapon: "D"
Attack 1: "Z"
Attack 2: "X"
Pause: "SPACE"
Taunt: "T"

if playing two player:
Player 1:
Move left: ","
Move right: "/"
Jump: "L"
Shield: "."
Drop weapon: "D"
Attack 1: "Z"
Attack 2: "X"
Taunt: "T"

Player 2:
Move left: "4" Numpad
Move right: "6" Numpad
Jump: "8" Numpad
Shield: "5" Numpad
Drop weapon: "RIGHT ARROW"
Attack 1: "LEFT ARROW"
Attack 2: "DOWN ARROW"
Taunt: "UP ARROW"

Have fun!