Chaos Faction Game


Would you like to participating in filled with full of action wars, in different sections and with different types of weapons? If your response is "YES", in that case, you are welcome! Your goal in the game is, to be able to stay in power against your enemies under difficulties, and to beat all your opponents.

When the game is loaded, continue, respectively, "PLAY" and "START GAME" buttons. Initiated the game, after determining your game character and types of game. The key combinations are as follows:
Moving: "W, A, D" keys
Protection: "S"
Attack 1: "Z"
Attack 2: " X"
Mocking with opponents: "T"
Game Pause: "SPACE"

To give some hints about the game, can be mentioned the following: Show a maximum efforts to get extra bonuses, falling from the air. Thus, you will increase your strength power, both in different areas and be able to have new weapons. Be careful not to damage yourself, when you using these new weapons. In addition, will be opened new weapons, in "CAMPAIGN" types of game, for each sections that your are passing and you will have new characters as well.

All that filled with full of action moments, minutes, seconds awaiting for you! Do not risk your business! I wish you great success!