Edge Rider Game

Edge Rider
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Racing enthusiasts here! We added a new game which playable with twosome, and this time play in the space. Beware! do not fall down.

After you clicking on the "PLAY" button, select the number of the players. Initiated the game with "RACE" button. The keypads are as follows:

Acceleration: "UP ARROW" key.
Rotation: "LEFT,RIGHT ARROW" key.
Brake: "DOWN ARROW" key.

Acceleration: "W" key.
Rotation: "A,D" keys.
Brake: "S" key.

Games usually consists of four rounds. If you are able to complete all four rounds at the first place, you will have right to pass to the next chapter, if you fall down, you will born again from the place where you in. But the difference between you and your opponents, will be opened. You can follow which round you are in, your remaining time with indicators founded at the top of the screen. Good luck!