Bomb It 6 Game


Bomb It game series's which has became one of the most important game among of your favorite flash games, sixth and latest chapter of the series, is on now! As it is expected, you will play on new war maps and you will have chance to fight with new weapons and the most important part of sixth chapter of this series is the costumes. The more you play the more game point you get and you can buy costumes with these game points. To learn more, let's check it out!

Click "START" button. You can play the game in five different game mode as "Arcade, Battle Royale, Green Zone, Survive, Treasure Trail". Click "NEXT" button after you specify the game mode that you want to play.

From "Game Settings" menu, you can set your game as following; you can determine number of players on "Players" section as single player or two player. On "Enemies" section, you can specify number of enemy. You can set number of levels on "Levels" section. Choose the war map that you want to play on "Arena" section and specify the difficulty of game then click "OK" button. Characters costumes will be locked on your first time on game. You can buy character costumes with game points and you can earn these game points by playing the game.

The game controls are as follows:
Use the following controls if you are playing as single:

Use the following controls if you are playing as twosome:
1st Player:
Move: "W,A,S,D"

2nd Player:
Bomb: "ENTER"

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