Super Mario Bomb Game


Are you ready to enjoy repletion with Super Mario Brothers? Mario, Luigi, Bowser and Toad are the characters who will accompany you, in this fun tour. Your goal in the game is to beat your opponents with bombs!

Determine, the number of players and the degree of difficulty, by clicking on respectively, "GO" and "NEXT" buttons. Thereafter, select your character, the key combinations are as follows:

Acting: "W,A,S,D" keys.
Placing bomb: "SPACE" key.

Acting: "DIRECTION" keys.
Placing bomb : "ENTER" key.

There will come out extra bonuses under the some blocks that you have exploded. You can strengthen yourself, by taking them. However, every bonuses may not work for you. Try to avoid getting the bonuses which reverse the keys. In the course of the game, you can follow the status of the game, with indicators, founded on the left side of the screen. After you finish the section, you can restart the game again, by clicking on "SPACE" key. We wish, you have exciting moments with your friends!