Snow Bros Game

We proudly introduce a very good arcade computer game in which consists of named Snow Bros and Tom's brothers computer version where easily remembered that passed our childhood. Moreover, as in the past can be played easily with two people together. Knows the game who knows... Let's sum up the game for the people who does not know. There are two heroes shapped snowman, the country's twin princess is kidnapped by aliens. The brothers try to make them ineffective by throwing balls towards the enemies to save them.

Controls in the game as follows: The first player can use "A, D" keys, to make move, to jumping up and to shooting can use respectively "K, J" keys. As to the second player, to make move use right-left "Arrow" keys, and to shoot and to jump up use " ;, ' " keys respectively. "H" key is used also to Start/ Stop the game.

If it is need to be mention on some key points we can say as follows: If you don't push immediately when your enemies freeze, they can melting again. The game consists of 50 chapter and in each section comes out a big creature. The great creatures die very difficult and can call small helpers along with. As long as killing the enemies, you can put down some potions during the game. Each color potion feature is different. Red potion increases walking speed; the blue potion increases the thrown size of snowball. Thus, you can freeze your enemies easier. The yellow potion helps you to freeze your enemies by increasing your reach. The green potion inflates your character like balloon and kill the enemies that you touch. The red, the blue and the yellow potion's effects will dissappear, when you die. There is a time of green potion. If you are not able to finish the section, pumking featured creature comes out and try to kill you by throwing ghosts towards you. This monster is unbeatable, can't be taken with snowball. So, it is need be killed the normal monstersand finish the section. Let's combat with snowballs!

We wish you success!