Super Smash Bros Advance Game


We are in presence of you, with a very enjoyful game that you can compete with your friends crazily. This game is just as simple and fun to play. Moreover, in this fight, you are accompanied by Peter Pan, Mario and Jigglypuff. Let's go for it! Take your friend and come here.

When the game is loaded, click on the button, written green. Then, choose your characters and start the game.

Jumping: "W" key.
Bending: "S" key.
Moving: "A, D" keys.
Attack: "G, H" keys.

Jumping: "UP ARROW" key.
Bending: "DOWN ARROW" key.
Acting: "LEFT, RIGHT ARROW" keys.
Attack: "1, 2" keys.

You can use left lower corner button to return to the main menu and to adjust the volume of the game. You can click on the right lower button for the next chapter. Hope you have fun!