Super Mario Bros. Crossover Game

Super Mario Bros. Crossover
Super Mario Bros. CrossoverSuper Mario Bros. Crossover Rating: 4.7 out of 5 based on 132 votes.

It is time to meet with the superior mario game at Game 2 Kids. With Super Mario Bros. Crossover, you will set sail for new horizons. In this game, you will not only play with Mario and Luigi characters but also you will have a chance to play this game with lots of different game characters which have different skills from each other and the differences is not only game characters but also character skins from other chapters of mario games. Well, we are sure that you are ready to play!

After the game is loaded, you will direct game intro screen automatically, to pass it and to proceed to main menu, click game screen or press any key. On main menu, use "ARROW KEYS" to navigate and press "Z" key to make a selection. Select "NEW GAME" then, set your game's features from "Map Set, Map Difficulty, Game Mode, Tutorials". If you want, you can reach more settings by selecting "MORE SETTINGS" option. After then select "START GAME" option by pressing "Z" key. To navigate on character select screen, use "ARROW KEYS". Press "Z" key to make a selection.

Game controls are as follow:
Jump: "Z"
Fire: "C"

Special power: Not all characters have this power. If you have special power with any character, press "C" key to use it.
Weapon change: Not all character have this feature also but some of them have. If you are playing with some kind of character who has this feature and if you have few weapon, you can change your weapons by pressing "A" key.

Here is a few important information about the game; while you are playing, you can pause the game by pressing "ENTER" key and if you want, you can save your game by following "LOAD/SAVE>SAVE" options. You can save your file wherever you want in your computer. If you want to load it back, you should follow "LOAD GAME" from main menu or from "LOAD/SAVE>LOAD" option during the game. By following "OPTIONS" button, you can make some changes in game such as game controls, graphics, sounds etc.

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