Double Dragon Flash Fighters Game


The evil Koga Shuko, missed the fighter brothers' sister and the same time captured one side of the coin. Lee brothers, hit the road to rescue both the girl and the coin. However, many kinds of challenges will confront. Would you like to help them?

Determine, the number of the players and the degree of difficulty from the main menu and then, press on "START GAME" button and also, you can play the game, with two people. The game controls are as follows:

Moving: "W,A,Q,D" keys.
Jumping: "B" key.
Shape: "N" key.
Kick: "M" key.

Acting: "ARROW" keys.
Jumping: "1" key.
Shape: "2" key.
Kick: "3" key.

Show a maximum effort to get the bonuses coming out on the road, in front of you. Thus, you will be much more powerful and increase your energy. When you die, restart the game with "RESTART" button. Hope you have fun!