Color Tanks Game

What do you think of a strict struggling among colorful bombs by tanks? You won’t be able to understand how the time passes in this eventful game. If you’re ready, Let’s start the game!

After loading the game, enter the main menu by clicking the play button. Then determine the number of players. "STORY" is the one-player progressing game mode. When you enter "EDITOR" mode, you can design chapters that you want. In "STORY CO-OP" game mode you fight against to enemies with your friend. In "STORY CO-AT" game mode you can start wars as a rival against to your friend. The players’ key pad is below:

Moving and Shooting: "W,A,S,D"
Improvements: "SPACEBAR"

Moving and Shooting: "ARROW KEYS"
Improvements: "SHIFT"

You can shoot automatically on the way that you move by your tank. When you stop moving, your tank will stop shooting too. While you are exploding your rivals, you can earn money to buy developers such as fan and protection. Don’t forget to follow life indicator. You can also buy life energy with the money you earned.

During the game, you can view and change the key pad by using buttons on the upper right-hand corner of the screen. You can also turn on or turn off the sound and pause the game. Go on following us for the best two player shooting games. Wish you a successful game!