Mario Car Racing Game

Mario Car Racing
Mario Car RacingMario Car Racing Rating: 4.2 out of 5 based on 157 votes.

We are make presence in front of you with a new game in which will be the main squeeze of favorite fans of Mario game lovers and race amorous. You will have full of fun, enjoy, not only enjoying with it; and you will spend filled minutes as well in this game which covers all Super Mario brother chracters from Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach and to Bowser.

First all, the purpose of our game is to defeat all your opponents without saying good or bad. When the game is opened select your character by clicking on "Start Game" button, after then; select any part and initiated the game. The game keys are as follows: Use "D" to go ahead, to go back use "A", to jump up or fly use "W" and for using the hand brake use "S" key. Also, "Q" key is used to speed up your car and "Space" key to use extras which you have got and "ESC" is used to pause and switch off the game.

As it in the normal game, you can win extras or gold by blasting the blocks. These extras will appear in the upper left hand side. In addition, you can go to the store with "Shop" button and take some bonuses that helps to strengthen your cars with golds you earned among the sections. You can learn your score with on the top right hand sided buttons and you can turn off the music sound of game with buttons founded at the right hand side bottom of screen. Let's see, if you will be able to as successful as in the normal Mario Game?

We wish good luck to everyone.