Super Mario Flash Game


Super Mario and his close friends continue struggle with bitter enemies of their Bowser and his followers. Would you like to be join, in this bitter struggle. You will find yourself in the peak of the action in this game inspired by home arcade Super Mario game inserted cassette in it. If you are ready, let's start.

After the game is loaded, you can start a new game with "1 PLAYER GAME" button; with "LEVEL EDITOR" you can design a section. Thereafter, in the coming menu, select one of the characters of Mario or Luigi and then initiated the game.
The keypads are as follows:

Moving : "ARROW" keys.
Firing : "SPACEBAR"
Storehouse :"B"

Let's give a few tips about the game: There are some bonuses sections in which you win some extras such as, magnification mushrooms, Salvia spenders, in the chapter selection menu. You can make easy your business by using these sections. In addition, if you manage to collect 100 golds, as in the most of Mario game, you will get the chance to win extra rights.

In the course of the game, you can follow the number of your golds and your remaining rights with indicators founded on the top of the screen. Will Mario, Buigi and his friends manage to save the Peach Princess, this time? Stay with us for the most beautiful Mario games! Have you a good time!